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Why Shopify can be the Best eCommerce Development Platform?

Why Shopify can be the Best eCommerce Development Platform

There are many eCommerce platforms that provide a host of services for businesses. They assist the business owners in setting their own eCommerce store to handle sales to online payments. There are many platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Weebly, Magento, Big Commerce, Squarespace, and many more. Each of these platforms offers various advantages to its clients.

They are fully integrated with a host of functions that make selling online a breeze. Out of all these platforms, Shopify is emerging as a market leader for setting up an eCommerce store. It has a multitude of features that help business owners to set up their online store with minimal time and effort. There are many advantages that Shopify is one of the best eCommerce platforms in the market.

Shopify stores can be customized to suit business needs. With ready-to-use templates and plugins, creating a store is an easy task. Apart from these, there are certain other advantages that make Shopify the most preferred to set up an eCommerce store.

a) Hosting

Every website or eCommerce must be hosted on a third-party server. But with Shopify, there is no need to purchase a separate hosting for their store. Since it is a cloud-based platform, the store can be accessed just by entering the login details.

b) Marketing Tools

Every business has to market its business. There are many channels by which a business can market its website. Shopify has inbuilt marketing tools that help businesses to reach their target audience and expand their client base.

c) Themes and Customisation

Shopify has a huge database of customizable themes that can suit any scale of business. It also offers the flexibility and ease of even customizing the plugins that can enhance the productivity of the business.

d) Security

It offers an inbuilt SSL certificate that guarantees the highest level of safety to its users. The customers are assured of their details being safe and businesses can deal with the security of their customer details being safe.

e) Multi-Language and Multi-Currency Options

Businesses are not bound by geographical boundaries. In the world of online shopping, businesses have the option of having their store beyond boundaries. Multi-currency and multi-language is an added feature of the platform that helps business owners to expand without any hassles.

f) Inventory Management and Dropshipping

A business to run effectively has to be aware of its stocks and its sales report. With weekly or monthly sales and inventory reports, businesses can plan ahead for reaching their targets.

Dropshipping is also another thriving business for the platform features work the best. With the advantage of adding unlimited products, a dropshipping business can be easily set up.

g) Easy Payment Options

With the option of integrating a number of payment gateways, customers can have the ease of making payments in the way they choose. Easy integration and one-click payment methods help customers in checking out faster while saving time.


These are some of the advantages that Shopify offers to its users. Setting up a store doesn’t need sound technical knowledge. By using the drag and drop editor option, a business owner can customize his store to suit his needs. He is not bound to use all the elements rather he can select the elements he needs. 

Combined with all of these features, it can be fairly said that Shopify is one of the leading eCommerce platforms to set up a store. With 24/7 support and Shopify certified developers, assistance for every single query is solved with accuracy and speed.

VMJ Software offers Shopify development and maintenance services. With certified developers and designers, they are adept in creating and maintaining a world-class store right from the comfort of your place.

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