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Top 8 Important website features to scale your Business


1 Thumb – Friendly Mobile Website / Thumb friendly mobile website Navigation

When vital links are in the easy-to-reach zone and insignificant links are in the hard-to-reach zone, navigational design is thumb-friendly. When the information and actions are thumb zone-friendly, cards are a valuable design component.

2 Easy to Update Website

As in Custom web design have serves the many of primary setting option to catch the root of website to give enormous grip on WWW in such case we can amend such things like Edit Content with changing time, Images, Form and more all on your own, without any dependency.

3 ADA Compliant Website

The ADA, which was established in 1990, outlaws discrimination against people with disabilities and ensures that they have the same rights and opportunities as others. The statute applies to all sectors, from employment and education to transportation and public/private venues open to the public.

While the time of developing an ADA- Compliant websites have ways to accessible site.

Create alt tags for all images  Videos , and audio Files
Create Text transcripts for video and audio content
Identity the site’s language in the header code
offer alternatives and suggestion when users encounter input errors
create a consistent, Organized Layout

4 Smart Content Management system

A content management system (CMS) is used to create, manage, and optimize your consumers’ digital experiences. A content management system (CMS) is a software programme that allows people to collaborate on the creation, editing, and production of digital material such as web pages, blog entries, and so on.

Custom CMS Development requires experienced professionals with advanced technical skills , which makes such development expensive. Although Custom CMS have a lot flexibilities  in terms of Plugin and tools  , One can use intuitive UI & security concern on the top most priority because site built from the scratch

5 SEO-Friendly Website

In a Custom  web design there are many strategies to change haven’t made any impact on Web anatomy  there are few way to we  give you better improvement if  primary  guideline followed by the web maker and SEO Specialist

Start by creating a top-down SEO Plan
SEO-centric Website architecture
Improve your SEO’s E-A-T With author pages
Utilize a mobile-friendly responsive design
Add your most important pages to the main menu
Link important secondary pages in the footer
make your URLs discoverable by using a sitemap
Ensure robots.txt and meta robots allows crawling
Improve the UX by reducing page load times
Set the right hierarchy for your Heading tags
Add internal links between important pages
write unique title tags and meta descriptions
Avoid thin content and duplicate content issues

6 Third Party Tool Ready Website

as in the pace of digital movement every possible aspect we grind we’ll get it with speed of lightning tools like HubSpot & AI tools. Which allows to curb our burden in terms of Blog writing, Content strategies and Lead Management so on. such sort extension will provided good edge to individual tip for good scoring in terms of readability and SEO As well.

7 Ecommerce Website

Vmjsoftware provides a comprehensive suite of ecommerce website and shopping cart development solutions for established organizations. Our designers and developers have the knowledge and experience to integrate search engine friendly coding with the most recent ecommerce technology.

We can operate on various platforms, allowing us to deliver the optimal solution for your needs such as shopify & WooCommerce 

Professional Custom web design
Accept Credit Paypal & More
Custom search
Real-time shipping Rates
Google Analytics Integration
Manage Content & Inventory
Checkout Optimization
WooCommerce and Plugin Integration

8 Powerful Website Hosting Services

When your ideal website is finished and ready to go, you’ll need to locate a location to host it. It is critical to pick a dependable and secure managed web hosting provider that ensures the safety and dependability of you and your visitors.

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