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7 Insane things about WooCommerce

Insane things about WooCommerce

Want to remove previous memories about conventional ecommerce plugin? So it’s a now no more renowned nowadays but this more trustable among the users and fascinating thing is WooCommerce plug in easy to follow for non-techy users as well.

WooCommerce is the most online e – commerce platform on the planet. It’s extremely adaptable, cost-effective, and simple to use, even for beginners.

What is WooCommerce?
It simplifies the process of setting up and running an online store by providing respectable levels of flexibility and a number of essential features such as inventory and tax administration, secure payments, and shipping integration.

Why Use WooCommerce?
Order tracking, customer engagement, delivery status updates, inventory management, and other useful tools are all available with WooCommerce. WooCommerce currently powers 96 percent of all WordPress stores, with over 29 million downloads. The complexity level of WooCommerce is low. For new website owners, it’s simple to use.

1 Login Page security

The web application acts as a target for type of attack bots, and it is frequently attacked. Bots are the worst form of parasites since they not only try to obtain illegal access to your website, but they also suck up your site’s resources in the process.

As a result of this indiscriminate use of resources, genuine users will find it more difficult to access your site. Overall, the situation is bleak.

A. Enable Two-Factor Authentication
B. Change Your Default Username ‘Admin’
C. Limit Login Attempts
D. Implement geoblocking

2 WooCommerce Add-on

Woocommerce Add-Ons Ultimate is a bespoke product add-ons plugin for WooCommerce that lets your consumers customize your products. You may add text boxes, dropdowns, checkboxes, and radio buttons to your items, as well as as many more fields as you want, giving you and your customers fine-grained control over product configuration.

Every field can be given a price that adds to or subtracts from the original product price, allowing you to charge more for personalizations. This allows you to boost your profitability by adding value to each of your items.

3 Product Filter

Product Filter for WooCommerce is a professional plugin that allows customers to browse through your inventory using AJAX filtering. You can filter products by price, classification, availability, coupons, reviews, and custom taxonomies using the plugin.

You may create many filter presets with Product Filter for WooCommerce’s complete builder.

4 No limitation in Woocommerce

Keeping with WooCommerce’s benefits and drawbacks, WooCommerce customization possibilities shine brightly as well.

To begin with, there are thousands of themes available for this platform. After selecting the best one, you may personalize all of its elements, including the header, footer, product sheets, and checkouts.

This is made possible by the free availability of CSS, HTML, and PHP style code. As a result, WooCommerce is appropriate for both experienced and novice users.

A. Great Flexibility
B. Optimal security
C. Large Community
D. Excellent performance is hampered with plugins and plug-ins

 5 Full Control of your data

Allow users only the access they require. This is necessary for security, as it prevents people from making unapproved changes or mistakenly deleting stuff.

Limit the amount of people who can be Administrators. Although many vendors may request this role, few truly require such extensive access. Take into account the work roles they’ll be performing prior to actually giving the request to see if a lower level of access would suffice.

Download the free User Role Editor plugin to give you more control over what your users have access to. It allows you to customize the particular capabilities you provide each user.

6 Multi-Vendor

The most significant benefit of a multi-vendor marketplace is the opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs. The stores with which you collaborate become part of your inner circle. They can help you manage sales and growth issues by answering questions and providing support, and you can pass on your knowledge to the next generation of entrepreneurs.

When you share a storefront, you’re also sharing customers. By bringing together merchants with similar principles and target consumers, you’re creating a larger brand. Partner with merchants who sell things that your own consumers would enjoy – and whose customers would enjoy yours as well.

Your clients can form their own network by bringing everyone together under one united brand. Your website and associated social media feeds become gathering places for shoppers with similar interests, in which you can interact with and learn more about them.

7 Multi-Store

it’s critical to use effective tools and plugins that are compatible with Woo Commerce multistore to handle WooCommerce multiple stores.

In order to assist you to manage many stores in one place, those tools and plugins must include the following functionality:

On the backend, combine inventory and order management processes.

Allows you to manage delivery, payment methods, customer service, and other aspects of multiple stores from a single admin panel.

Sync and update product information across several stores.

Provide a detailed report detailing all of the details of each store independently.

Makes it easy to customize any feature, such as prices, descriptions, and product images, without having to switch among both stores. Integrate all purchases into one cart and checkout page, for example, to provide a better shopping experience.

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