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Futuristic trends that are changing eCommerce in 2021

Futuristic trends that are changing eCommerce in 2021

Magento is one of the leading eCommerce platforms that cater to a wide number of businesses. With the advantages of easy implementation, flexibility, and constant updates, Magento is constantly upping its game by introducing the latest technologies and trends that make websites stand apart.

Below are some of the latest trends that Magento has introduced that are revolutionizing the way business is seen. 

1. Headless Commerce

Magento has recently introduced the futuristic concept of Headless Commerce. But what exactly is that??  Traditional eCommerce platforms manage both the front end as well as the backend as a single solution. In headless CMS, the frontend and the backend are independent of each other.

This provides developers with the flexibility and the freedom to focus on the content and connecting with their audience. Since stores are selling through multiple channels, having relevant content that delivers across the same is a must. Adopting headless commerce can increase the relevance of the brand.

2. AR ( Augmented Reality) and Chatbots

Augmented Reality was touted as the future of technology. But with the recent advancements, AI has now been implemented to connect with customers. With advanced technologies, customers can have an idea of how the product will look on them.

Sound customer service can help the business to reach more people as they get the assurance and the confidence that the company is tending to their needs. But it is not possible to have a human representative to tend to the client’s needs 24/7. That’s where chatbots come in. Chatbots are a great way of attending to client’s needs immediately. They can be programmed to provide simple solutions thereby solving the client’s queries much faster.

3. Push Notifications 

We sometimes get pop-up messages in our browser. They are called push-up notifications. They can be used to send offers, promotions, or even reminders to connect with the business. Push notifications can improve visibility and connectivity with the brand. They have the flexibility to be customized to send the messages we need.

4. Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive Web Apps are the latest trends that are catching up in recent times. They help you connect with the customers more quickly and the response time is faster when compared to regular web pages. The main advantage of PWA is that it can even work in areas with low bandwidth. 

Progressive Web Apps don’t need complex coding skills and can be deployed easily without any hassles. When information is required at a faster speed, sites have to be optimized to load faster. PWA’s can solve this dilemma by loading sites faster. 

5. AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Visual Search

Artificial Intelligence is changing the technological landscape by implementing smart options to enhance the customer shopping experience. Visual Search is also gaining traction as customers can have a look and experience the product when they shop.

Artificial Intelligence is making inroads by changing the way customers shop by offering suggestions, options, or alternatives thus enhancing their experience.

6. Micro Animations

It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words. Designing micro animations can sustain the interest of the customers. It provides a clear distraction by offering the customers a huge choice in the terms of their shopping preferences.

These are some of the latest trends that are making a big change in the field of eCommerce. They are not the end of eCommerce development but a step in the future. With changing landscapes and shopping preferences, eCommerce is undergoing a huge paradigm shift by adopting the latest technologies and practices. 

Magento is working on introducing more improvisations and technologies that can alter the way eCommerce is perceived. VMJ Software has a group of talented Magento developers who conceptualize, design, and execute functional websites that funnel your growth and sets you apart from the rest.

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