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Benefits of Using WooCommerce to Build your eCommerce Website

Benefits of Using WooCommerce to Build your eCommerce Website

Shopping is undergoing a huge shift. From going to stores and now to online stores, customers’ tastes and preferences have undergone a huge shift. We have many retail establishments looking to establish their digital presence where they can provide the same ambiance and experience to their customers. Having an online store can increase brand awareness, customer loyalty, and increased sales.

A website can use the eCommerce functionality to deliver its products. There are a lot of eCommerce platforms but the popular one is WooCommerce offered by WordPress. It is a free plugin that just needs to be installed. It is an open-source plugin that can support any type of business.

What exactly is WooCommerce? It is an open-source plugin that supports eCommerce capabilities on WordPress websites. It does not require complex coding capabilities and can be installed very easily. The main advantage is that the core content is free and flexible that can be modified to suit the business needs.


There are many benefits of WooCommerce for online stores. It integrates a host of services that include order and delivery management, inventory management, tax management, and many more.  WooCommerce powers most of the WordPress stores worldwide. Its superior integration and the benefit of WordPress SEO make it a great tool to reach customers over a huge demographic base.


The foremost benefit of WooCommerce is that a person with a non-technical background can install his store. He does not need coding knowledge to set up his store and can do it with limited effort. Also, WooCommerce has the advantages of having a directory of many themes and they can be customized as per the need of the business. The business can switch forth between themes without loss in content.


For increased visibility for a business, SEO is very important. Having a good SEO strategy makes sure that the business organically reaches its target audience. WooCommerce enjoys the advantages of WordPress SEO. Making changes according to different demographics is easy as WooCommerce is not dependent on third parties for its updates. As WooCommerce is a part of the WordPress platform, updates will not be a deterrent for the business.


What is the main concern for a business when they are providing online goods or services? WooCommerce works closely with security experts to provide a safe and secure environment to shoppers. With the flexibility to install updates at the click of a button thus saving time and money. By providing regular updates, WooCommerce makes sure that businesses don’t compromise on their security.


WooCommerce has the capability to integrate with a huge number of payment gateways thereby making shopping from the website an easy task. It combines security with functionality while providing online payment services.


Since WooCommerce is built on a blogging platform, content is optimized to have a maximum reach without loss in data or format. Analytics is another powerful area where WooCommerce can help businesses reach their potential. With sales data and client preferences, analytics can help you analyze and plan your strategy to reap maximum productivity.


One of the major benefits of WooCommerce is that it has a community of developers who provide support even to the most complex problems. Being an open-source platform, it has a strong community of developers who provide 24/7 support to any issues faced by businesses. 


Apart from all these, WooCommerce has the facility to manage inventory, taxation, location, and even currency. By using the plugins inbuilt facilities we can even configure the store to sort and dispatch the products and many more features that help a business to run smoothly.

VMJ Software has the experience and capability of setting up a WooCommerce store that not only delivers on speed but is also aesthetically appealing. Their team of talented and skilled developers delivers the vision of the client without compromising on quality.

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